Roche d'Herode Collines Rhodaniennes BlancChardonnay

Roche d'Herode  Collines Rhodaniennes Roug Chardonnay

Roche d'Herode 
Pierre Gaillard , the famous winemaker in Rhone Valley, bought the whole estate of Cottebrune in Faugères. 
At Cottebrune ,the vines are located in a natural setting. As a result ,the surrounding scrubland and forests have to be protected at all cost . The vineyard will only continue to thrive if the landscape is maintained . Pierre Gaillard would never consider working in opposition to the surroundings ,as this would imply working against the terroirs . And he wants us to feel the terroir of the origin in his wines , their mineral nature ,their profoundness and their character. 
Pierre produces wine  from each parcel one by one , grape variety by grape variety. Cold mercerations are used for the reds and skin mercerations for the white . They are aerated to extract delicate and pure aromas .   
Grapes: Chardonnay


Taste:The stirring and the use of lees during the entire maturing period produces round and

ready to drink wines. However they can also be aged for 5 to 6 years, developing fresh straw, toasted bread and tropical fruit aromas.



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